07 août 2010



Cette remorque a été fabriquée par paul welkins pour le burningman.
Poids : environ 45kg.
Revêtement : "flutted plastic" (panneaux d'election (?)) riveté sur des tubes aluminium de section carré de 2cm (3/4") récupérés d'une vieille antenne satellite.
La base est faite en sapin 5x5cm (2x2"). Le cadre de la porte carrée (1x2") a été vissé sur le côté puis le revêtement a été découpé sur les côtés et en bas, le haut n'a pas été découpé pour agir comme une charnière.
Roues de 13"....

Ci dessous son article de blog (7 janvier 2008), en anglais :

I chose to live the nomad life for the week. The camper was not designed for road use, that's another version in a drawing below. This unit had to endure winds of 60 mph, heat of 100+ degrees. The idea hatched from that particular years theme, (they have a yearly theme). It was fear of the future. My thoughts at the time were fixated on the bird flu. what if.. This was an attempt to show how one might survive a post apocalyptic life.
The camper is about 100 pounds dry weight. The skin is 1/4" flutted plastic like whats used for election signs. This was riveted and screwed onto 3/4" square aluminum tubing salvaged from an old satellite dish. The base was made of 2x2 fir. The 30" square door frame, made of 1x2's was skrewed to the side panel, cut on the sides and bottom. The upper part was left uncut to act as a hinge. The bed hinges in a lounge attitude. On the outside resides an herb flower box, a urinal funnel (sanicans were a ways off)  and 13" wheel barrel wheels on a 1/2" axle mounted with 1/2" square tubing made up the running gear. I used 3/4" steel for the tow bar, A recycled card table for the corner camper supports, and misc this and that. It's whatever I had kicking around at the time, and that's how anyone would have to do it if worst came to worst.


> The urinal funnel came in handy. Water from Solar shower was also routed to the kitchen sink.




> Right to left: light switches, food storage bin, underneath resides the table extension, fan, butane stove, storage drawers. Underneath, pee jug, trash bucket battery storage (barely seen) sink, hot water spout, 2.5 gallon water supply.


> Sleeping bag storage box is below, and a book/magazine rack are above on the wall. Bubble door opens also for Cross ventilation. The black square on the roof is a hot air collector for the food dehydrator.


> Swinging up the table extension support leg.


> Right to left: battery storage, ice box, dirty laundry hamper. Above, storage shelf, the small hole, white clothes storage. big hole, other clothes. 12v lights on either side, mister bottle for cooling off.


> Why the bubble? So I can look up at the stars at night.


> Bed arranged in the lounge position. All the comforts of home, except for a number 2 toilet.


> This is one rendition of a road camper. The drawer on the right is actually an extension for the legs when sleeping. The camper would be 50" long by 30" wide using similar materials as my camper but shooting for 50 pounds dry weight.

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